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Although many methods of contraception are available, providing safe and effective contraception for species with highly variable reproductive physiologies is a major challenge.

Within the global zoo community there is considerable experience with a wide variety of contraception measures, however this knowledge tends to be patchy in distribution. In North America this challenge has been addressed by setting up a centralised source of contraceptive information and constructing a database detailing the efficacy of the different contraception methods. As a result, the AZA Reproductive Management Center (AZA RMC) now has a database of over 45,000 entries and has been able to produce guidelines for a variety of species. However these guidelines have their limitations for the European zoo community, as not all North American contraception methods are available for use within the European Union and the European zoo community has access to products not available in North America. To this end we have established the EAZA RMG (formerly EGZAC). We are a collective group of veterinarians, animal managers and researchers interested in wildlife contraception.

The EAZA RMG are a working group under the EAZA Veterinary Committee.                                      

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