Contraception Uses


Why use contraception

• Population control
• Behavioural management
• Therapeutics

Wildlife contraception is an important tool in our genetic and demographic management of zoo species. Effective contraception helps to prevent over-representation of certain individuals, reduces inbreeding and modifies generation length. Contraception methods are also employed to modify inappropriate sexual behaviours and aggression, provide an alternative to culling of unwanted young, decrease the repetitive physiological demands due to pregnancy on selected individuals and ensure populations do not exceed available space within zoo collections.

Use of contraceptives in wildlife is generally considered ‘extra-label’. Ensure you discuss with the relevant programme manager (EEP/TAG) before placing a programme animal on contraception.


It is important to observe and monitor animals closely during and after contraceptive treatment.



By sharing these data with the EAZA RMG, safe guidelines can be compiled for the use of different contraceptive methods in different taxa.